Nutmeg & Clove presents Singaporean interpretations of classic cocktails and dishes in the historical Ann Siang Hill area. Managed by an experienced team, the bar’s offerings are inspired by five different eras of Singapore’s journey as Trading Post, Crown Colony, Banana Republic and Sovereign State to the Metropolis of today.

Each of these eras also mark five significant times that have shaped cocktail culture; with the Prohibition period being a centre of reference. This starts from the pre-Prohibition time frame and ends with the cocktail trends of today. The drinks within each section of the menu showcase cocktail flavours and styles from these eras, while maintaining a strong Singaporean influence

The name Nutmeg & Clove is a tribute to the rich history of Ann Siang Hill, which in used to be a nutmeg and clove plantation. These ingredients, together with other Asian flavours and spices, feature heavily in the menu.
Inspired by Chinese medical halls of the past, Nutmeg & Clove’s interiors feature dark wood with a focus on traditional panelling. Fixtures and furniture that reflect the unique local elements of Singapore’s past, like a wall decorated with gunny sacks, have also been incorporated into the design of the space.