Asia’s 50 Best Bars

Just being included in the list of Asia’s 50 Best Bars brought us great joy, but being placed no. 30 just puts the cherry on the top. With a young local team behind the bar, there were  growing pains with plenty of blood, sweat and tears split along the way. This is a testament to all the hard work we have placed in providing an uniquely Singaporean cocktail experience. We will continue to instill the Singapore spirit in each and every cocktail we serve.

Located in the heritage enclave of Ann Siang Hill, Nutmeg & Clove takes inspiration from its surroundings with cocktails that reflect the changing face of Singapore down the centuries. The menu is split into sections, from Trading Post, through Crown Colony, to Metropolis with avant-garde cocktails representing each era. There’s everything from the Tsukiji Fizz (a twist on a Ramos Gin Fizz with squid ink cream) to a Good Ole Fashion Revolution – pandan-infused whisky, toasted coconut syrup and chilli bitters.

World’s Best 50 Bars 2016

Our humble little cocktail bar has found it’s way onto the World’s Best 50 Bars 2016’s Bars to Watch at 72nd position. We’re pleasantly surprised and grateful for the support of our friends. We will continue to refine and improve the Nutmeg & Clove experience and come up with even more wonderful cocktails that reflect our local heritage.

Nutmeg & Clove Family

New Year, New Location

Nutmeg & Clove To Reopen Its Doors This March

Singapore, February 2016 – In a joint collaboration with The Establishment Group, Asian-centric cocktail bar Nutmeg and Clove will be reopening its doors at a vantage corner of Ann Siang Hill this March.

Founded by award-winning bartender and Diageo Commercial Director, Colin Chia, Nutmeg and Clove pays homage to the unassumingly rich history of Ann Siang Hill, which was once a nutmeg and clove plantation. The rest, as they say, is history – as proven by their extensive era-inspired cocktail menu.

To kick off the reopening, Nutmeg and Clove has added some refreshingly clever concoctions to their cocktail lineup, each a flavourful representation of the different eras in Singapore that has helped shape the cocktail culture.

The party does not stop there – Nutmeg and Clove will too be throwing a weeklong reopening celebration over the Singapore Cocktail week.

To take things up a notch, their bartending friends from all around the globe will come join in the celebration and shake up a storm behind Nutmeg and Clove’s bars. The bartenders involved will include Hidetsugu Ueno from Japan; Ronnaporn Kanvichaporn from Thailand; Nick Wu from Taiwan and more.

To view Nutmeg & Clove’s Cocktail Week line up, please click here.

What is Nutmeg & Clove?

Nutmeg & Clove presents Singaporean interpretations of classic cocktails and dishes in the historical Ann Siang Hill area. Managed by an experienced team, the bar’s offerings are inspired by five different eras of Singapore’s journey as Trading Post, Crown Colony, Banana Republic and Sovereign State to the Metropolis of today.

Each of these eras also mark five significant times that have shaped cocktail culture; with the Prohibition period being a centre of reference. This starts from the pre-Prohibition time frame and ends with the cocktail trends of today. The drinks within each section of the menu showcase cocktail flavours and styles from these eras, while maintaining a strong Singaporean influence

The name Nutmeg & Clove is a tribute to the rich history of Ann Siang Hill, which in used to be a nutmeg and clove plantation. These ingredients, together with other Asian flavours and spices, feature heavily in the menu.
Inspired by Chinese medical halls of the past, Nutmeg & Clove’s interiors feature dark wood with a focus on traditional panelling. Fixtures and furniture that reflect the unique local elements of Singapore’s past, like a wall decorated with gunny sacks, have also been incorporated into the design of the space.